How to satisfy hunger when pregnant, without eating carelessly

It was only five minutes ago eating toast, but how come I'm hungry again now? It seems like most pregnant women experience it, but do not let this make Mother eat carelessly. Mother is recommended to be able to manage the hunger that is felt, so that the food consumed is not excessive, but nutritious and beneficial for the Little in the womb. In the first trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting that can interfere with activity. This nausea may continue until the second trimester of pregnancy. Although nausea, the possibility of Mother will also experience hunger all the time. Reasons Pregnant Women Often Hungry Pregnant women feel constantly hungry because the baby in the womb needs nutrients to develop. Babies in the stomach of the mother need nutrients to form tissue, muscles and bones. However, do not let this condition make Mother out of control and eat anything as much as possible yes. The challenge is to provide enough nutrition for th
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